The Pearlfishers – Across The Milky Way

01. across the milky way (4:03)
02. new stars (3:18)
03. i was a cowboy (3:25)
04. steady with you (3:33)
05. sweet william (4:23)
06. the vampires of camelon (3:08)
07. we’ll be the summer (2:47)
08. snow on the pines (4:58)
09. paint on a smile (3:23)
10. everything works out (3:22)
11. shine it out (3:54)
12. when the highway ends (4:19)
13. is it any wonder? (6:14)

produced and arranged by david scott

recorded at east kilbride arts centre, secret music and on the fruitmobile

ekac and fruitmobile sessions engineered by david scott
recording assistant: jennifer hunter
secret music sessions engineered by kim planert and donald shaw
digital edits on “steady with you” by paul mcgeechan at paw paw productions
mastered by stuart hamilton at castlesound studios, the old school, pencaitland

guitars, keyboards, bass and vocals • david scott
violins • jon beales, lawrence dunn and amy geddes
viola • alison lucas
cello • wendy weatherby
contrabass • lindsay cooper
baritone sax, bass clarinet and flute • allon beauvoisin
trumpet and flugel horn • colin steele
banjo and nylon strung guitar • johnny cameron
electric guitar • mick slaven, gabriel telerman
q chord • midori terasawa
drums and percussion • jim gash and derek star (“shine it out”)

words and music by david scott
“paint on a smile” by david scott and duglas t stewart
all selections published by marina songs

drawings by mathabo
cover photographs of david scott, aged 12, by tom scott
art direction & design: stefan kassel /

executive producers: stefan kassel & frank lähnemann

release date: may 26, 2001 (MA 53)

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