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The Pearlfishers – Sky Meadows

01. Flora Belle
02. Todd Is God
03. Sky Meadows
04. My Dad The Weatherfan
05. The Gay Fishmonger
06. Pantohorse
07. Berlin
08. I Can’t Believe You Met Nancy
09. Saddle Sore
10. Swan Dreams
11. Haricot Bean And Bill
12. Say Goodbye To The Fairground

Produced and arranged by David Scott

David Scott : vocals, keyboards, guitar and bass
Jim Gash : drums and vocals
Keith Matheson : guitar and vocals
Gabriel Telerman : guitar
Deepak Bahl : bass
Amy Allison : vocals
John Beales : violin
Lawrence Dunn : violin
Alison Lucas : viola
Wendy Weatherby : cello
Colin Steele : trumpet and flugel horn
Johnny Durrant : french horn
Stephanie Kelly : flute
Jemma Quin : trumpet
Nigel Cox : trombone
Derek Star : percussion

The Fairground Choir : Amy Allison, Tom Clelland, Jim Gash, David Grimason, Louise Higgins, Derek Star, Duglas T Stewart, Midori Terasawa

Birds and bells on “Swan Dreams” by the pupils of Crosshouse Primary, East Kilbride

Recorded at East Kilbride Arts Centre · Recording assistant : Joe Savage
String quartet recorded at Castlesound · Engineered by Stuart Hamilton
Mastered at Castlesound by Stuart Hamilton

Words and music by David Scott · Published by Marina Songs
“Pantohorse” by David Scott & Duglas T Stewart · Marina Songs/Complete Music
“Berlin” by David Scott & Keith Matheson · Marina Songs

Art Direction & Design : Stefan Kassel / www.stefankassel.com
Photography : Heinz-Uwe Moehlenkamp (2), Stefan Kassel

Executive producers : Stefan Kassel & Frank Lähnemann

Release date: August 29, 2003 (MA 58)

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