The Pearlfishers – Open Up Your Colouring Book

01. Diamanda
02. To The Northland
03. Chasing All The Good Days Down
04. The Way My Father Talked About Vincent
05. The Last Days Of September
06. You’ll Never Steal My Spirit
07. Gone In The Winter
08. Attacked By Mountain Cats
09. Open Up Your Colouring Book
10. A Peacock And A King
11. Silly Bird
12. I Don’t Want To Know About It
13. When Love Was A River
14. You Can’t Escape The Way You Feel
15. Her Heart Moves Like The Sea Moves
16. A Christmas Tree In A Hurricane

Produced and arranged by David Scott

David Scott • vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, mandolin, concertina, recorder

Jamie Gash • drums, vocals
Dee Bahl • bass
Gabriel Telerman • guitar
Stuart Kidd • vocals

Lawrence Dunn • violin
Alison Lucas • violin
Tom Prentice • viola
Wendy Weatherby • cello

Arran Fitzpatrick • trumpet
Adam Welsh • trumpet
Madeleine Pritchard • vocals
Stefanie Lawrence • vocals

Words and Music by David Scott / Published by Marina Songs

“Chasing All The Good Days Down” by Amy Allison & David Scott (Marina Songs / Shopgirl Songs BMI, adm. by Bug Music / MCPS)

“I Don’t Want To Know About It” by Erin Moran & David Scott (Marina Songs / Songs Music Publishing)

Recorded at Gorbals Sound, UWS Studios, East Kilbride Arts Centre and on the Fruitmobile Recorded by Kevin Burleigh, Paul McGeechan, David Scott and Chris Brown Assisted by Laura Leitch, Michael Stewart, Gregor Scott and Angus Lawson

Mastered by Bo Kondren @ Calyx, Berlin

Art Direction, Design & Photography by Stefan Kassel /

Executive producers • Stefan Kassel & Frank Lähnemann

Release date: April 25, 2014 (MA 77)

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