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The Bathers – Lagoon Blues

01. Lagoon Blues Pt. 1
02. Venice Shoes
03. Gracefruit
04. Never Too Late
05. Fermina Fair
06. Easter – for Edda Van Heemstra
07. Pissoir / The Ornella Mutiny
08. Through The Old Holmwood
09. Sweetheart Sessions
10. Lolita
11. Via D’Oro
12. Ave The Leopards
13. Carnival
14. Easter Sorbonne
15. Lagoon Blues Pt. 2

Written and produced by Chris Thomson
Co-produced and engineered by Keith Mitchell

String arrangements by Iain White, Mark Wilson and Chris Thomson
String arrangement on “Gracefruit” by Iain White
String arrangement on “Easter – for Edda Van Heemstra” by Paul Leonard-Morgan

Recorded at Palladium Studios, Edinburgh · Mixed at Palladium and CaVa, Glasgow · Assisted at CaVa by
Tony Doogan · Additional recording and mixing at St Vincent Sound, Glasgow · Engineered by Sam Loup

Mastered by Bo Kondren @ Calyx, Berlin · Photography by Esther Haase & Lucy Vaughan
Special thanks to Sibilla Pavenstedt · Art direction & design by Stefan Kassel & Heinz-Uwe Moehlenkamp

Executive producers : Stefan Kassel & Frank Lähnemann

Release date: October 23, 2020 (MA 86) – CD/LP/DL

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