The Secret Goldfish - Aqua Pet...You Make Me

some of our best friends are three minutes long

Marina Records

01. Come Undone (3:01)
02. Tartan Envy (3:09)
03. The Boy Who Left Home To Learn Fear (5:52)
04. Pet Thang (1:56)
05. Dandelion Milk Summer (3:43)
06. Venus Bonding : Erotic Mars (2:08)
07. I Will See You Through (4:52)
08. I Left One Out, Where Did It Go (2:23)
09. Seasick (2:51)
10. Glass Mountain (2:09)
11. The Catalyst (2:20)
12. Strawberry St. (2:35)
13. Another Short Song About Love And Loss (2:35)
14. Bandovian Curve (2:43)

Produced by Stephen Lironi & engineered by Larry Primrose Except "The Catalyst" & "I Left One Out, Where Did It Go", produced by The Secret Goldfish & engineered by Johnny Cameron.

Mastered by John Davis at Whitfield Street Studios, London

All songs by McCullars / Morose, except "The Catalyst" written by G Lironex
All songs Copyright Control

The Secret Goldfish would like to thank Ann Donald, Stephen Lironi, Marina Recordings & John Williamson.

Sleeve design by Stefan Kassel

Released in 1996 on Marina Records, MA19 (MACD 44662)

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