The Bathers - Kelvingrove Baby

I don't know...maybe, then you can be my Kelvingrove baby

Marina Records

01. Thrive (2:34)
02. Girlfriend (4:57)
03. If Love Could Last Forever (4:11)
04. East Of East Delier (3:42)
05. No Risk No Glory (5:03)
06. Once Upon A Time On The Rapenburg (3:33)
07. Kelvingrove Baby (7:31)
08. Girl From The Polders (3:49)
09. Lost Certainties (2:40)
10. Dial (4:19)
11. The Fragrance Remains Insane (2:14)

12. Hellespont In A Storm (4:29)
13. Twelve (2:35)

Produced by Chris Thomson and James Locke at Golden Acrid, Edinburgh
Additional recording at Secret Music, Glasgow

Mastered by Nilesh Patel at the Exchange, London

Design - Stefan Kassel
Kelvingrove Beauty - Vivien
Hair & make-up - Nino Allegro
Photography - Benjamin Wolf, Colin Dunsmuir, Stefan Kassel

All selections written by Chris Thomson
Copyright Control / Mama Marina Music (Gas)

A very special thank you to Stefan and Frank for their help and encouragement over the last three Bathers albums. To the Codman for his patience, humour and madness as midwife to this particular baby. To Carlo, Iain, Hazel, Ken, Colin, Mark and all musicians who gave their talent, time and energy to this album. Thanks also to Saskia Bruijstens, Jimmy Smith, Colin Wallace, Jon Turner, Keith Mitchell, James Grant, Justin Currie, Heinz-Uwe Moehlenkamp, Liz Fraser, Jerry Burns, Greg Gordon and the Meadow Bar for their support. To Catarina Lappin, Nicci, Leesa, Rupert and Oliver for "Always Two Poplars". For my very own Kelvingrove Baby...

Released in February '97 on Marina Records, MA22 (MACD 44682)

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