Mindstore - Double Sided Walk

Double Sided Walk

Marina Records

01. Double Sided Walk (Radio Edit) 3:36
02. Double Sided Walk (Dub Walk Vocal) 5:33
03. Double Sided Walk (A Forest Mighty Black Mix) 6:00
04. Double Sided Walk (Side Walk Dubwise) 5:32

Written by Shepherd/Colvin
Published by Mama Marina Music

Produced by J Cameron & Mindstore

2 & 4: Remix and additional production by the Ballistic Brothers
Engineered by Chris B at Rocksteady Studios/Northern Shaolin
3: Remix and additional production by A Forest Mighty Black

Design - Stefan Kassel
Photography - Ernst Haas

Executive producers - Stefan Kassel & Frank Laehnemann

Released in April '97 on Marina Records, MA23 via Alternation/Intercord.   Available on 12"-vinyl and CD-single.

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