The Pearlfishers – The Strange Underworld of the Tall Poppies CD


Artist: The Pearlfishers
Title: The Strange Underworld Of The Tall Poppies
Format: CD
Label: Marina Records
Year: April 1997

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01. Even On A Sunday Afternoon (3:17)
02. Cherry Sky (4:03)
03. Sugar Mountain Babies (2:57)
04. Banana Sandwich (3:17)
05. Waiting On The Flood (3:48)
06. They Met Too Late (2:46)
07. Jelly Shoes (4:09)
08. Lord Franklin (4:38)
09. Night Breeze (2:46)
10. In The Darkest Hour (5:03)
11. Everyday Storms (5:15)
12. Away From It All (4:40)

Words & music by David Scott, except “Jelly Shoes” & “Cherry Sky” written by David Scott & Brian McAlpine and “Lord Franklin” trad: arranged by Scott/McAlpine, published by Copyright Control

Produced & arranged by David Scott & Brian McAlpine. Recorded at Secret Music, East Kilbride Arts Centre and on the Fruitmobile. Engineered by Grant Milne, David & Brian; mastered by Nilesh Patel at The Exchange, London

Design: Stefan Kassel; Photography: Julie Parker

All vocals & instruments by Brian McAlpine & David Scott, with the help of Wilf Taylor: Drums & Percussion; Theresa Parker: Wind Chimes on “Night Breeze”; Charlie McKerron: Violin on “Away From It All” & “Cherry Sky” (Courtesy of Survival Records); The Torridon String Quartet: Strings on “Everyday Storms”, “Sugar Mountain Babies” & “Night Breeze” (Liza Webb: Violin; Jackie Cima: Violin; Martin Wiggins: Viola; Paul Duncan: Cello); Narration on “Cherry Sky”: Margaret Daly, Theresa Parker, Julie Parker & David Whitelock

Release date: April 1997 (MA25)
Re-release date: May 14, 2002 (MA25)

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The Sunday Times, 11th August 2002 (3 Stars: Outstanding):

“At a time when Brian Wilson is finally receiving the acclaim – indeed reverence – that he deserves, there must surely be a bigger audience out there for the immaculate summery pop of the Pearlfishers. The Scottish band’s German label have thoughtfully reissued their 1997 debut album so that all those who have flocked to Wilson’s shows can check it out.

Technically, there was a Pearlfishers album a few years before this one, but it’s on Tall Poppies that the real Pearlfishers sound emerges, and we discover that David Scott is one of the few living mortals who can get their heads round exactly what Brian Wilson did in the studio. I have to tread a fine line here. I don’t want to leave you thinking that the Pearlfishers are just some Beach Boys tribute band. You’ll also hear traces of the Monkees, the Left Banke, Jimmy Webb and even Paul McCartney on Poppies; Scott is a man who knows when the best pop was made and has chosen to work with the musical vocabulary of that era. But the simple fact is that, if Brian Wilson brought out an album tomorrow with songs on it as good as this album’s Cherry Sky or Banana Sandwich, it would be heralded as a triumphant return to form. Scott really is that good.” Mark Edwards

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